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The problem with Gary Vee

Published 12 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

I changed my content strategy a few months ago.

I stopped publishing and writing dozens of blog posts each week with the help of a team of writers.

I let some of my editorial team go.

I started publishing more content on social media.

Now, I write and send a daily newsletter.

I also work with a select group of clients.

My new business model is straightforward.

I spent half an hour writing emails like this one.

I spend 90 minutes a month planning social media content.

And I pitch a few clients each day.

But, I overcomplicated my strategy for weeks.

I blame Gary Vee.

I watched a few of his videos, where he recommends posting on 7 different platforms 6–7 times a day!

Facebook memes, shorts and reels, long-form X posts, LinkedIn status updates, pins to the latest blog posts, YouTube videos, daily stories…

I’m exhausted typing that.

Gary’s publishing cadence is admirable.

I tried his content strategy for a few weeks.

Then, I crashed and burned.

I love Gary Vee’s motivational content.

But, he’s a full-time team dedicated to creating and repurposing his content across his blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Medium, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Threads…

A videographer even follows Gary around for the day and turns most of his meetings, talks, and speeches into content.

He also has raving online followers who take care of distribution for him.

It’s impossible to create and post that much content each day without it becoming a full-time job.

The rest of us don’t work with a full-time content team.

We don’t document every part of the working day because it would make a great short or reel.

And our ideal readers and clients aren’t on all those social media networks.

What busy CEO ever said…

“I need to hire a copywriter, so I’m going to doomscroll TikTok for an hour”!?

The Pro Writers I work with manage their time.

They value getting paid over a dopamine feed of views, likes, and shares.

They create content strategically for one or perhaps two select networks.

They publish content that attracts the right types of readers and clients.

Then, they pitch their services.

That’s how they get paid without burning out.

I want to help Pro Writers get off the content hamster wheel.

So, I’m hosting a live workshop in a few days on this exact topic: Plan a Month of Content In 90 Minutes.

You’ll walk away with plenty of time each week to write, find clients, and grow your writing business.

Register now.

Write on,
Bryan Collins

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