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I was paid $573.75 for one email

Published 6 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

I got this email from ConvertKit a few days ago.

I run sponsored slots in my newsletter a few times a month.

And ConvertKit wanted to connect me with an advertiser.

If you go through my newsletter library, you'll find some more examples.

The ConvertKit team proposes sponsorships every other week.

I review the advertiser and check it aligns with my brand.

I don't accept them all, though.

But when I find one I like...

I edit the copy.

And I write an email like this one.

Then, I click send.

A few weeks later, ConvertKit deposited the funds into my bank account.

It's a simple but straightforward business model.

Any writer can do it.

You just need one thing.

video preview

Write on,

Bryan Collins

PS If you need help starting your newsletter business, reply to this email.

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