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I’m working with a new business coach

Published 7 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

I’m working with a new business coach. He spends his time coaching clients on how to craft cheat codes.

A former gamer, I’m all for cheat codes.

A good cheat code means I can get to where I want to go… faster and easier.

A cheat code summarizes what your business does and how you differ from everybody else in the market.

In my case…

My cheat code summarizes how I think about building a writing business.

So, here’s mine:

Amateur writer:

  • Uses AI to generate boring content
  • Neglects storytelling
  • No clear offer
  • Relies on algorithms
  • Works for someone else’s business
  • Gives away all their content for free
  • Writes to get paid
  • Tracks vanity metrics such as likes and shares

Pro Writer:

  • Writes what AI can’t
  • Uses personal stories
  • Makes daily offers
  • Grows an email list
  • Builds recurring revenue for their own business
  • Gives insights, sells value
  • Gets paid to write
  • Tracks profits

If you want to build a business using a Pro Writers Only cheat code, reply to this email.

Write on,
Bryan Collins

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