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I changed my mind

Published 21 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

I started writing online over ten years ago.

I’ve earned multiple six figures from writing online.

I’ve also worked harder and longer than I’d like to admit.

And I’ve the hairline to prove it.

Here are a few things I’ve tried:

  • Writing on Tumblr
  • Reviewing products and gadgets for tech websites
  • Freelancing for big-name publications like Forbes
  • Copywriting and content writing for clients
  • Self-publishing books on Amazon
  • Tweeting and writing threads on X
  • Writing personal development articles on Medium
  • Writing on LinkedIn
  • Writing and recording short and long-form video
  • Blogging on a personal site
  • Building content websites with SEO
  • Writing daily newsletters

In the spirit of an internet elder, here are five things I’ve changed my mind about:

1. Selling books on Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP was a goldrush pre 2014.

You could easily earn five figures a month from self-publishing books… without spending a cent on paid ads.

These days?

It’s more profitable to sell books directly to your audience.

Even more so if you’ve got a backend of products and services.

2. Building content websites with SEO

The content website model was insanely profitable pre-ChatGPT.

Now, content is a commodity.

Anyone can create How-to content quickly and easily with a bot.

Google hates content websites these days.

And SEO is far harder for content creators.

3. Writing on LinkedIn

I thought LinkedIn was for hiring and bragging about promotions.

Turns out…

It’s an excellent way of connecting with like-minded readers and peers.

It’s more fun than other networks, ahem, X

And LinkedIn is great for finding clients.

4. Chasing likes, shares, and traffic

I went down a dopamine-fueled rabbit hole of impressions, shares, and engagement.

Sure, clicking on those red and blue notifications feels satisfying.

And some networks will pay you to create viral content.

But… you’re getting crumbs from their table.

Finding clients and customers is far more satisfying AND profitable.

5. Writing daily newsletters

I grew my email list for years.

But, I didn’t treat email as the best way of connecting with readers until last year.

Now, I write and send daily emails.

It’s the core of my business.

What questions do you have about writing online? Hit reply and ask me.

Write on,
Bryan Collins

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